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The Aldegundis Church, a late Gothic brick building, was erected on the site of an earlier Romanesque Church. The Tower, a tuff stone construction, made up of three richly varied floors, soars over the immense church nave. Its main feature is a stylish brick pinnacled crown. The carillon was cast in 2000 and installed by the Royal Bell-Foundry "Petit and Fritsen" from Aarle-Rixtel. The instrument has 43 bells. The bass carillon bell is an F, weighing 905 kilogrammes and has been connected to the keyboard as C. We hope to extend the carillon with another 4 ringing bells and 1 carillon bell. Including the historical Van Wou bell of 1498 (which is already part of it, see one of the pictures below), the instrument will then consist of the ideal number of 49 bells with a base of C sharp 1 and an extra undertone in the pedal.

Recitals on every 3rd Saturday of the month: 11.00-12.00am

behind the keyboard in Emmerich

The Aldegundis Church

This swinging bell is cast by Geert van Wou in 1498
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